How to Start Automation With Selenium Webdriver in 10 Minutes

How to Start Automation With Selenium Webdriver in 10 Minutes

If you are working as manual tester and thinking to start automation testing using selenium then it is very easy , Let me tell you simple steps that how to configure selenium web driver and write first program.

I assume that you have already installed Eclipse and Java. Also make sure you have set correct java class path.

  1. Download JARs of Selenium Webdriver

It is require to download and configure webdriver JARs to your java project if you want to do web automation using selenium webdriver.

Download Selenium Standalone JAR – Latest Version : 2.47.1


Download Selenium Source JAR Package



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2. Configure Selenium JARs with your Project

Create simple java project in eclipse. Then do Right click on your project -> Select Properties -> Java Build Path , Click on button Add External JARs -> Select Above downloaded JARs & Click on OK.

That’s it , You have done…:)

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3. Automate First Test Case

public class FirstCase {
public static void main(String[] args) {

// Create a new instance of the Firefox driver
WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();

//Launch the Website

// Print a Log In message to the screen
System.out.println("Website is opened successfully");
// Close the driver

This is really 10 minutes steps to start automation testing, Isn’t it? Enjoy Automation Testing…:)


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