User Experience: importance of UX in Web Design

User Experience: importance of UX in Web Design

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I am sure that you all are enjoying my articles about website design. In my previous article, I had explained some important tips to design effective landing pages. In that I told about user experience in short. Today, I am going to explain in detail on UX (User Experience). What is UX? How we can improve UX for website?

Design isn’t just about how it looks, it’s all about how it works.

User Experience–UX is all about how End User feel s when they visit your website. There are many factors of UX which are controllable by Website Designer & Developer related to environmental or user preference. Factors of UX like: usability, accessibility, performance, design points, aesthetic points, utility, marketing and human interaction.

UX is not same as usability, but both are related to each other closely. It’s experience of visitor when they are interacting or visiting website or product. Usability is more about emotions of website and how user friendly that website. UX is very important.

User experience is key for small and start-up businesses as well, because the site is their first impression to users and its important place to explain about your product and services.

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