Using Effective eCommerce web design to increase your online sales

Ecommerce Web Design Tips:

Online shopping is now replacing the conventional method of shopping because:

  • It is less time consuming and 
  • People can do it on the go. 

Online sales saw a massive jump in the last two years as many customers today do not want to spend time going to shops or malls and shops. Ecommerce websites are blooming quickly and one could easily find several competitors for every niche. And this is where the question arises of how to be different? How to be competitive? The answer lies in your website itself. Your E-commerce web design and its appeal to the customers can change the game for your brand and give it a quick boost to sales.

Want to know how? Read these seven tried and tested tips by professionals that can help you in enhancing your web design and get more sales.

increase your online sales with our e-commerce web designEase of Navigation

Every visitor likes to go through a website that is easy to navigate. No one likes a site which is not organized as it becomes time-consuming for them to find the required product or services. This is the first factor that you should consider for E-commerce website development. Make sure to have proper categories of the products and their sections. You can also place a classified menu on the top so that it becomes convenient for the customers to scroll through the website and find the products they want.

Keep it minimal

Minimal is the new trend. According to some reports, customers like to spend time on the websites that are simple and minimal, because they find it comfortable to do so. Ask your eCommerce web design company to keep the design minimal. You can also use the same approach for branding. People like to see coordinated color themes as well as monochromatic themes. So you can jot down all these points and convey them to your designer for making a website that has all the needed features but is not fully loaded with graphics or images.

Transparency and Honesty

This point is crucial for gaining repeat visitors and customers. Several companies add extra charges or shipping at the checkout, which honestly can change the mind of your customer. For avoiding such instances, it is always better to be transparent about your pricing. If possible, keep the prices inclusive of the taxes and shipping so that customers can know the total amount they are supposed to pay since the beginning.

Here is a simple example: a customer bought a shirt worth Rs. 750 but deleted his products on the other site because a shirt was Rs 500+ 250 shipping charges. Consumers tend not to pay up for extra charges, so it is always better to be transparent and honest about your pricing.

Motivate your customers

For encouraging your customers to buy from your website, you can add little messages or pop-ups like “ Congratulations, you have made an amazing choice,” or “ Sarah and four others have also bought this top 4 minutes ago”, etc. If you know these marketing tactics, you already know these strategies work. Motivate your customers with such messages will build their confidence and they can end up spending more time on your website.

Use colors and keywords smartly

Why is the word “Sale” often written in red and bold? The answer is simple, to attract customers. You can use this same tip for your eCommerce web development as well. You can brighten the unique selling point (USP) of the products to attract the customer. For example, use a bright yellow or green color button for “Add to Cart.” Customers like to use sites that are easy to use. Also, there are only a fraction of people who reads the content on your website word to word and so it is essential to place the keywords smartly.

Many eCommerce websites already do this, adding descriptions like 100% cotton, Organic, Customer approved, and so on. Using affirmative words and short descriptions can be beneficial for the visitors as well as they can scan the data.

High-Quality product photos

While availing eCommerce web development services, make sure that you have high-quality photos of your products or ask the company to do a professional photoshoot. No one likes to look at blur or pixelated pictures. Select images that represent your product and brand appropriately. You can also use concept or theme photography to keep up with your branding theme. The professionals can help you with getting appealing and high-quality pictures that are often a converting point for a customer while shopping.

Reviews and feedback

More than 60% of the people refer to reviews online before making a purchase. And so to help them in deciding better always include a section of testimonials for your products. This will help in winning the customer’s trust as they will look at this transparent step of the brand and shop accordingly. You can pin or highlight the reviews that customers can find helpful for size, color, longevity, etc.

These above-stated tips work best for enhancing the overall user experience. Today many people know about these tips and have used it for their eCommerce website design to escalate their sales. Apart from that, make sure that your website is safe and secure for the payment as well as responsive. Customers like to shop from the sites that are robust, swift, and user friendly. Keep all these tips in mind while planning your eCommerce website design.

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